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Our Story

How it all started...

The Erb Mennonite Church story begins in Europe during the Reformation.  The persecution of the Anabaptists/Mennonites was escalating and so many moved to North America to escape persecution, to obtain religious freedom, and enjoy economic development. William Penn offered to the Mennonites some of the great land of Pennsylvania, thus a number of Mennonite refugee’s settled in Lancaster County. 
Jacob Erb, one of the refugees from Switzerland, settled here in 1728, on farmland just north of our church location today. Together he and his wife farmed and raised a family.  One of their sons Joseph Erb was an enthusiastic Mennonite follower.
In 1794, Joseph and his wife Barbara created some acreage on their farm land for a meeting place. Up until 1794, local Mennonites had mostly been meeting to worship in homes and barns. The first meeting place was referred to as Erb and was used for about 60 years in a location about 1 mile north of our facility.
Then in 1854, the Mennonites in ‘Erbdale’ (this area named due to the many Erb families living here) bought more suitable land for a church building. Thus in our current location a larger meetinghouse was built and plans drawn up for a cemetery. Years later in 1870 an addition was added because of growth. 
In 1894 Sunday School, a very controversial topic of the day, became part of the Erb ministry. Erb was one of the first churches in the area to have Sunday School. On April 2, 1912 a twister went through and destroyed the church building. It was immediately rebuilt in our current location and dedicated to the work of the Lord on January 25, 1913 at a cost of $6,700.
Since then numerous additions and remodeling have occurred to accommodate growth, yet the vision for making faithful disciples of Jesus Christ has never changed.